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"Memes", memes and maymays.

At the risk of sounding like every member of a previous generation; I liked memes better the way they used to be.

Probably some of you will be wondering what on earth I’m talking about and that’s fine. Memes as we think of them today pretty much come in a singular format:



A simple Google Image Search for “Meme” ends up looking like a search for “Advice Animals”.

Look familiar?

We might call this the “shit sandwich” approach to memes. Except the bread isn’t so great either. But this format hasn’t always been dominant.

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Book Review(ish): The Private Eye [Issues 1-7]

Image used without permission under Fair Use: Review

I read a lot of comics. As such, I’m going to experiment with including comic reviews from time to time. If comics aren’t your thing; bare with me. I’m going to try to hand pick those that I hope will have a broader appeal.

I stumbled across The Private Eye whilst looking through a list of great comics from 2013. It was right there at the top and whilst I was intrigued I still ignored it for almost two weeks before finally grabbing a copy. Even then, it stayed on my PC for a week further still before I bothered to start reading. I am very happy that I finally did.

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