Book Review(ish): The Private Eye [Issues 1-7]

Image used without permission under Fair Use: Review

I read a lot of comics. As such, I’m going to experiment with including comic reviews from time to time. If comics aren’t your thing; bare with me. I’m going to try to hand pick those that I hope will have a broader appeal.

I stumbled across The Private Eye whilst looking through a list of great comics from 2013. It was right there at the top and whilst I was intrigued I still ignored it for almost two weeks before finally grabbing a copy. Even then, it stayed on my PC for a week further still before I bothered to start reading. I am very happy that I finally did.

I titled this a “Review(ish)” as the comic is still underway. The most recent issues (no. 07) having been released on June 19th. Its backed by some substantial names; Brian K. Vaughan of the massive Y: The Last Man, Marcos Martin who has worked on comic favourites like The Amazing Spider-Man  and Munsta Vicente who’s illustration and colour work extends from  She-Hulk to Daredevil. This should be indicative of the quality of the work and frankly every issue is stunning.

Trying to minimise plot spoilers: set in the future after a complete leak of all personal information; the internet is gone. The world has become obsessed with privacy choosing to wear masks and disguises almost all of time. Personal information is now closely guarded in deep contrast to today’s world of Facebook and Twitter.

The Private Eye contains an interesting story in it’s own right. However, it is also incredibly topical given the on-going revelations about the extent of government monitoring of people across the world, innocent an criminal alike. This is a fun, intelligent and visually stunning comic and it has a deep narrative that will interest even those who might traditionally avoid comics and “graphic novels”.

Further more, the comic is formatted to be read landscape/widescreen. This means that, whilst I read it comfortably on my tablet, it can be read very easily on PC. This is not something that can be said of many portrait digital comics that can be clunky to read on a landscape desktop monitor.

Pay-what-you-want, DRM free and with multi-lingual options offered; there is no excuse not to give The Private Eye a chance. At this point I’m considering going back and paying more for it a second time because it is just so good.


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